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Let’s start with our logo: One Degree Celsius. 
One Degree Celsius is a temperature of change. As tiny water droplets descend from the winter sky, crystalline structures begin forming one by one, each completely unique and wondrous, floating, falling, and ultimately bonding together to create one of our favorite things: snow. 

Watch the video to understand who we are, what we do, and a


Like a simple droplet of water, Icelantic started as a dream, years ago in the head of our friend Ben Anderson. Ben wanted to create a ski that changed the way people thought about skiing, and through time and space, and with the help of a few good friends, that dream became a reality and Icelantic was born. 


At Icelantic, our athlete team is family. Every one of our athletes and ambassadors lives and breathes the energy of what Icelantic represents at its core. These athletes are creative individuals and passionate artists in their own realm and Icelantic skis are their tool to explore their full potential on the mountains as skiers. Each athlete is instrumental in our development as a company. They show us the many ways our skis serve their drivers while helping fine tune the designs, represent our brand to its fullest potential, and are pretty bada** people in general.

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