October 18, 2016


The Mountain Infantry: A Return To Nature Story


Icelantic is proud to introduce a short film created with F4D that tells the story of the iconic 10th Mountain Division and what it was like to come home from the war, start the N. American ski industry and Return To Nature.  Featuring Icelantic Athletes: Julian Carr, Owen Leeper, Amy David, Hayden Price and Scotty VerMerris.

In addition to the film, Icelantic has partnered with the 10th Mountain Division Foundation to create a Limited Edition 10th Mountain Nomad 105.  There was only 75 pairs produced so pick up a pair before it is too late!  



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The Story About When Icelantic Skis Met Panda Poles And The Love That Became

Several years back Icelantic developed a crush on Panda Poles  when they were in their earliest stages of becoming a business. Years later a strong collab has taken place between our brands and this great video tells the story from Panda Pole founder Tanner Rosenthal's perspective of how this all came to be.

Much love to the whole Panda Tribe, we are stoked to be a part of it, thanks for this great edit! Tribe Up!

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Cody Potter Catches His Sunglasses - "Damn Good Time @ Timberline"

Cody Potter
brings in a banger edit from his time this summer at Mt. Hood, Timberline. Skiing on the new Nomad 95.  Cody has tech, Cody has style, Cody can juggle sunglasses while skiing switch, his skiing speaks for itself... Check it out.

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Icey Shop Spotlight - Powder 7

Winter is on its way back to the Colorado high country, friends, and chairlifts will be spinning in just a few weeks. That means local ski shops are hard at work getting folks geared up for the season. In honor of that noblest of endeavors, we're going take some time to highlight our favorite places to buy Icelantic skis in North America.

First up is Powder7 Ski Shop in Golden, CO.

Just up the street from Icelantic's new Worldwide Headquarters in Golden is another homegrown business that's casting a big, ski-shaped shadow. Husband-and-wife team Jordan Jones and Amy Dannwolf started Powder7 in nearby Lakewood in 2007, and slow, steady growth has turned it into Colorado's favorite local, family-owned, internet ski and ride superstore. Their most recent advancement: a sweet-looking new storefront that opened this fall, built out of beetle-kill wood, packed with mountain-themed art, and displaying every type of ski equipment dreamt up by humans.

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Icelantic x 10th Mountain Division Ski & Film

Since we started making skis, 10 years ago, we’ve known that some day, we’d work together with what we revere as one of the most important elements responsible for creating the ski industry we know and love today: The 10th Mountain Division.

As kids, we’d marvel at the statues in Vail, listen to our grandparents tell us stories of the fabled men and women who trained, traveled and defended on skis, in the mountains; who eventually built the foundation to many of our ski resorts.

Today, Icelantic is humbly honored to announce a long-time-coming partnership with the 10th Mountain Division. To celebrate this engagement, Icelantic has produced, an exclusive 10th Mountain Division Nomad Ski, featuring original artwork by Rashelle Stetman. In the best spirit of alpine skiing, Icelantic will make a contribution of every “Ski Trooper” ski to the 10th Mountain Foundation, Inc. to support the Foundation's charitable works.  

In addition to the ski, we wanted to somehow tell at least a little bit of the story of these men and women, so we decided to make a short film.

“The Mountain Infantry – A Return to Nature Story” will premier this Thursday September 29th, at the Golden Mountaineering Center during Bent Gate’s Season Kickoff Party.   Featuring Icelantic athletes Julian Carr, Owen Leeper, Hayden Price and Amy David, this short film explores the role that nature had and has, on these soldiers maintaining through hard times, as well as its role in redefining life...

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September 20, 2016


Wild Women of the Wasatch ep.03 Dawn Till Dark

Hi! This is Ski Utah guest blogger, Amy David, and I'm inspired by people taking action to enjoy and improve the world around us. In the Wild Women of the Wasatch series, I'm featuring women from various backgrounds who inspire me and hopefully you too!

May in Utah can be a confusing time of year for outdoor sport lovers. We spent the entire winter not questioning what the activity of the day would be, clearly we’d be skiing. However, May gets a bit more tricky. During spring in Utah, the snow remains high in the mountains for backcountry touring, (not to mention Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is still open until Memorial Day), yet as you drive down canyon into the valley, the temperature heats up. You can see little dots of people clung to the cliffs climbing, wheels of bikers spinning down the trails and the street surfers start to emerge skateboarding around the city.

Deciding which spring sport to do can be quite the conversation, and to alleviate the indecision, I decided to do a handful of my favorite adventure activities all in one day with several of my rad lady friends. Here is Episode 03 of Wild Women of the Wasatch. Ski, climb,...

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Wild Women of the Wasatch ep.02 Chicks Who Rip


Hi! This is Ski Utah guest blogger, Amy David, and I'm inspired by people taking action to enjoy and improve the world around us. In the Wild Women of the Wasatch series, I'm featuring women from various backgrounds who inspire me and hopefully you too!

What does it mean to be a Wild Woman of the Wasatch? Any lady who finds happiness through outdoor sports in the Wasatch mountains. The gals who replace "What if?" with "Hell yeah!" The Wasatch contains a magnetic pull to the adventurous souls. This episode features several young women who all gravitated to the Wasatch Front from across the world to chase skiing. In particular, the type who seek a hearty dose of adrenaline before breakfast. Take a look at us skiing Sunset Peak, Suicide Chute, Tiger Tail and powder at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, White Pine, hitting booters up Grizzly Gulch and park laps at Park City Mountain.

These girls are fearless risk takers who come alive at high speeds, in the air, and still reflect on the magic of nature while skinning to the top of a peak. Through time spent in the Wasatch I've met many wild women, and I'd like to introduce...

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Wild Women of the Wasatch ep.01 Adaptive Sports


Hi! My name is Amy David and I moved to Salt Lake City in 2010 chasing my passion for skiing! I’m inspired by action: people who turn their ideas into reality through action, action sports that fuel the adventurers’ soul, and taking action to improve the planet we inhabit.

As a guest blogger for Ski Utah, I’ll be featuring the Wild Women of the Wasatch through a series that shows women of all backgrounds finding happiness through outdoor sports in the Wasatch mountains. The first episode is about a few amazing ladies of the Wasatch Adaptive Sports (WAS) program based out of Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. Be sure to watch through the end of the video, it’ll pull at your heart-strings.

During the fall of 2015, I stopped working at my full-­time job doing PR for an outdoor sports event production company. With some of my free time, I began volunteering at WAS where I assist the instructors with ski lessons for people with various types of disabilities. The mission of WAS is to encourage individuals with adaptive needs and their families to expand their potential and engage in active living through year­ round recreational, educational and social activities. WAS programs focus on increasing...

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Spring Skiventures With Julian Carr

Check in with Icelantic athlete Julian Carr as he shows and tells about his epic spring adventures in the Northwest. 

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Boys Weekend In Japan

 Entry By: Scotty VerMerris  @scottyvermerris

I couldn't handle any more pictures of friends skiing in Japan flooding my Instagram feed. I made a promise to myself last year that I would finally make it there this season and as these images of deep powder and epic tree skiing took over my thoughts I decided it was time to pull the trigger and experience it for myself.

Impulsively I called up Ben to see if he wanted to join me for a boys weekend in Japan to chase powder, sushi, and adventure. He couldn't say no and a week later we found ourselves on the other side of the world with our skis in hand.

We reached out to Japanese Icelantic athletes Shogo Kawano and Yuhei Yamada to see if they could join us short notice and they said yes. This was perfect, Ben and I both have been wanting to visit Japan to ski with these guys so it was game on!

We caught a direct flight from Denver to Tokyo where we met Yuhei and hopped directly into a car and drove straight up to Hakuba. The drive from Tokyo was intense and exciting as we raced through the urban metropolis all lit up at night and into the mountains where we were elated to find deep snow. 

Yuhei and Shogo took us to a resort called Cortina and we lapped the sidecountry there for a day and a half skiing pow in the trees, it was hard to quit. One of my favorite aspects of this trip was the universal language of skiing shared between all of us. The language barrier was a fun challenge since Ben and I knew no Japanese and when it came to skiing and shooting photos there was a mutual understanding of what was going on and what we were doing that goes beyond words. Navigating in the sidecountry and lining up shots was easy for us without commonly shared words, just a rich passion for skiing with the same snow monkey instincts.

Check out this vid to follow us on our 48 hour adventure skiing and adventuring on the Main Island of Japan.

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